Thursday, August 17, 2006

NO!! to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Apparently not content with the destruction of unborn human beings through abortion, scientists seek to deliberately create human embryos now for the purpose of experimenting on them. Despite the specter of Godwin's Law hanging over my head, I choose to invoke memories of Nazi doctors experimenting on societal 'undesirables'. No amount of good* can justify taking lives to improve the quality of other lives. The lives of human embryos must be respected in and of themselves for us to remain a non-barbaric civilization.

*Not that good actually comes from these experiments. I challenge anyone in favour of embryonic stem cell research to name one successful treatment coming from this research. In fact, these researchers don't expect to develop any real treatments anytime soon, if ever. It's simply science cut off from the world of ethics. On the other hand, adult stem cells already provide the beginnings of many treatments, and overcome the worst of the problems of embryonic stem cells. We could have a society that seeks the best health of its citizens AND respect all human life if we would focus our efforts on adult stem cell research.

Until we're able to ban embryonic stem cell research, I would like to have a law requiring that any organization participating in/benefitting from it to advertise their involvement. I, for one, will not help any organization, be it donating or canvassing or anything, if they are involved in willfully destroying human life to achieve their goals. To me, this is far more important than efforts by some to force companies to advertise that their foods contain genetically modified products.


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