Sunday, March 12, 2006

Basketball City Champs!

My school boys' senior basketball team made it to the city finals, which were played last night. I was thinking of going, then deciding not to go, then finally we decided to take the whole family to see the game (which started at 8, and we only got home shortly after 11 pm - so the kids are pretty tired). It was a great game, by the way - my team was down 16 points at the half. They came out stronger in the second, but never quite caught up over the course of the half. Right near the end, we were down by 5. Somebody fouled, and we got 2 free throws. Then somebody else fouled, and a guy I coached for volleyball last year got another 2 points. Then, with about 15 seconds left in the game, another guy fouled and we were at the line again. He missed the first shot .... gets ready for the second shot, and sinks it - making it 68-68 in regular time. Crazy stuff. So we go to a 5 minute overtime - our team comes out strong, up 7 points with 90 seconds left. The other team gets back 6 points. Finally, another foul, and we get 2 points. Then another, where we get 1 ... with 2.7 seconds on the clock. Final score, my school 82 - other guys - 78. It was a great game - best action you could hope for.

As a compliment, the head coach is not a man I take to (we don't fight, just nothing seemingly in common) - he made the difference in the game. He was able to call tactics in the second half that the other team didn't know how to respond to. At 10 minutes left in the game, he called for a full-court press, which was very effective. He deserved to be the winning coach last night.

Well done, boys.


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