Thursday, August 24, 2006

CBC Plan B Exposé

Tonight's CBC News included an in-depth report on the efforts to make Plan B "emergency contraception" illegal over-the-counter. The thrust of the report was on the political interference apparently exerted by the Bush administration (or its appointees) to prevent the availability of Plan B.

Admittedly, I missed a portion of the report, but listening to the rest in detail I found nowhere in it the key moral problems associated with it, ie. its abortifacient aspects. Once again, the CBC seems to assume that people understand the 'right views' about the morality of this abortion-related issue, and won't stoop to having to explain and/or defend their editorial position that anything abortion-related is a good, Canadian value.

I'm having trouble recalling their exposé detailing the political intereference Bill Clinton exerted when he fast-tracked RU-486 through the FDA, despite inadequate testing, an abortion drug that has since knowingly killed several women who've used it. Then again, anything abortion-related can only be good, so why bother?


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