Sunday, January 08, 2006

Holiday Recovery

For those wondering what took so long for my recovery to the blogosphere, don't forget that I'm a teacher (and therefore have an, er, extended holiday).

Truth be told, it was great to be busy with life.

Christmas was held quietly at home with just our little family. The boys received plastic light sabers in their stockings (Santa, you devil!) - and have been progressing in their Jedi training marvelously. Yes, I actually do things with them called 'Jedi training', although usually it's tickling them (and they can't laugh), or talking to them about the importance of patience (I hope I'm not confusing them, but I'm trying to include some virtues training as part of the whole deal). Supper was later enjoyed with relatives, although no immediate family.

We hosted my wife's family for about a week, with New Year's Eve in the middle of it. Fun included an afternoon at a wave pool, tobogganing at previously-known 'bloody hill' and/or 'speedy hill'. Hitherto known as 'cow-pie hill'. It's becoming the 'hill-that-changes-its-name-with-each-visit hill'. We did the fancy meal on NY eve, which went well. Sadly, people had to leave - happily, they didn't all do it at once, letting us say our goodbyes over several days.

When the last had left, word came from my family that my grandma was very ill back home in Regina. We sat on the info for one day, and then decided to make the trip to visit her (and others). My grandma is a very sweet person, and it's tough to see her suffer. She's taking it as well as she can, I believe, and my grandpa is standing by her as best he can. They continue to inspire in the twilight of their marriage (63 years yesterday, by the way). It was tough saying goodbye yesterday, as it really feels like this is THE goodbye. But who knows, really? I feel like I've been saying goodbye/appreciating them more and more over the past decade almost, now. It's coming closer to home, though (in case you didn't know, I actually still have all my grandparents, and haven't had somebody really close to me die - ever; I'm set up for a tough time ahead, aren't I?).

Miscellany - my third sister got engaged on the holidays (good on her!). I'm sure brotherly advice will be forthcoming soon enough (to her, not you guys).
I've been reading election information, but not as much as before Christmas (yet); I'm hopeful when I think of the upcoming federal election. Those who really know my politics know that I'm not wed to any particular party (although with the socialists in Ottawa, that possibility may exist some day); but am CPC by default this time around. I was Liberal for awhile shortly before Chretien got in in 1993, but have voted against them for about the last 10 years. To put it mildly, "It's nice to see a plan come together" (in regards to a well-run CPC campaign). While not completely enamoured with Stephen Harper (in particular his waffly-ness on SoCon issues), he's got none of that Chretien slick-ness about him that I've grown to despise in all things Liberal.


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