Thursday, September 08, 2005

SSM in Spain - Two months later

Same-sex "marriage" has been legal in Spain for about two months now. In that time, rougly 35,000 heterosexual marriages have taken place. Only 22 homosexual couples have availed themselves of the same institution in that period of time. That is approximately 0.0628% of the total number of marriages. If 2% of the adult population is homosexual, this would indicate that heterosexuals are 32 times (3200%) more likely to consider marriage as the appropriate form of long-term commitment. If some homosexual couples have been waiting for the 'right' to marry, then presumably there was a backlog contributing to that grand total of 22 'marriages'.

SSM has never really been about people being denied access to the institution of marriage - it has always been about cementing in place those secondary characteristics of marriage (love and affection) in place of the primary ones (procreation and child-rearing).


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