Sunday, May 22, 2005

Regina Blogging

It being the long weekend and all, we went home to visit my parents and assorted relatives this weekend. The rain and wind kept us inside yesterday (except for my brother-in-law, who was playing golf in the valley for a friend's stag party when the storm started). One curiosity that came up, an uncle who I quite get along with, stated that all politicians are the same and the CPC are 'in bed with' the Bloq. I'm afraid this was his justification to not get too worked up over the continuing Liberal scandals in far-away Ottawa. We didn't have time to fully discuss it, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to it (not this one) and see if I can reasonably argue against that perception, because my gut reaction is that it's not a very good argument.

Back to the weekend - today is sunny and warm - in fact I'm ready for an afternoon nap. There is a possibility that I'll be helping the previously-mentioned brother-in-law design/build a shed, which would interrupt the much-desired nap. On the other hand, we came here to spend time with these folks, and I do quite enjoy building things of my own creation (especially when I don't have to pay for materials). A short nap now may be the best I can hope for.

Last night, 3 of my sisters and I joined the stag as it wound down (my sisters know some of the guys). It was cruder than I'm used to, but otherwise fun.



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