Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Belinda Stronach à la Cyrano

I've been following the comments in Andrew Coyne's thread about Belinda Stronach's floor-crossing debacle yesterday. If your constitution is weak (as Canada's is now, arguably), I thought I'd save you all the unsavory comments made about her - frankly, I think much of it is unclassy and gives non-conservatives an excuse not to listen to the arguments. We don't need to be giving people excuses not to consider thoughtful arguments, because that will leave them feeling justified in their prejudices.

So, I am compiling the classier comments regarding Belinda S.'s floor-crossing spectacle yesterday. I take Cyrano de Bergerac as my inspiration, who, though fictional, would never stoop to a base remark, when there are so many refined ways of saying, essentially, the same thing. Enjoy:

I can think of no better than Paul Wells', to begin with, "she's absolutely a match for most of the rest of [the Liberal] Cabinet in talent and intellect".

"Belinda's move will increase the integrity of both the Liberals and the Conservatives"

When Mr. Harper was informed that Belinda's move was due to her view that he didn't understand the complexity of Canada, he responded, "I've never noticed complexity to be one of her strengths." Ouch.

Anne Kingston, writing in the Post, "However you phrase it, it's obvious Belinda Stronach has found her spiritual home, at least for now."

Surely, a little meditation will produce more of that caliber. Drop any of your own, or that you've seen (with a source, if possible), in the comments - after a quick review, I'll add the crème de la crème.


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