Friday, June 17, 2005

Vive l'aventure!!

Most will consider me crazy, but I'm planning on taking my boys camping tomorrow. In the mountains. Where it's been raining insanely off and on for the past couple of weeks (particularly throughout today).

The truth is, I don't care. It's been a long school-year, and I need a break, even if it is water-logged. In fact, we may just sleep in the van, instead of the tent; and a friend has offered to let us stay in his cabin tomorrow night. The only tough part for me will be trying to find something to do with my boys tomorrow afternoon while it's raining. I'll be gone before anybody has time for suggestions, but perhaps for the future?

I'm hoping for s'mores around a fire tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Well, me and my boys actually went camping in the crazy rain of Southern Alberta. Not having anything much to do in the rain, we spent much of Saturday driving around looking at the flooding. We had to drive through water spilling over highway 8 at one point. Bragg Creek and the Elbow River around Elbow Falls were sights to behold - the power of so much water is awesome (yes, I've seen Niagara Falls and other significant water sights before). What an amazing contrast between normal flow and this flooding. Highway #1 was shut down past the highway 22 intersection - this, itself, is quite amazing. The (government?) workers diverting traffic were also amazing - amazingly stupid. They set up a barricade 2 kms AFTER the #22/#1 intersection. I spent an hour in this line waiting for a worker to tell me I would have to go back to the intersection to take Highway 1A instead. Did it ever occur to them to set up the barricade/detour before the intersection?

We ended up wandering around Canmore to see the commercial sights. My friend, apparently, isn't as crazy as I am, because he stayed in the city, and so my kids and I camped in the back of the van. This worked out well, despite/because it was a little cramped. Except for little boy smells, it was a lot of fun and I got 10 and a half hours sleep - something I haven't done in years. Sunday was much nicer and we did a couple of smaller hikes in K-country. Perhaps we'll try it all again next weekend.


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