Friday, June 10, 2005

Flooding in southern Alberta

It's awe-inspiring to see the works of nature. I have a little bit of a better appreciation of floods I've seen on the news elsewhere, and the tsunami in Asia. Don't get me wrong, our flooding is nowhere near the levels that have happened elsewhere - but when you see the little bit here you get a sense of what the magnified version would be like. It's good to see humanity humbled in the face of nature/God's works every so often - it helps dispel the illusions we create that we are ultimately in control. It's also good to see people working together, helping to rebuilt what is lost in a natural disaster's aftermath. I'm also glad (as far as I've heard) that there's been no loss of life.

I haven't been to the reservoir to see the water overflowing the reservoir dam yet (it'll probably be done by the time I make it out there) - but was able to see the aftereffects in Fish Creek Park, and what a creek that turns into a river looks like. Perhaps I'll make it out to Elbow Falls tomorrow to see how flooded that area is.


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