Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mark Steyn and the Human Rights Commissions

This is but a brief post supporting Mark Steyn/Maclean's magazine in their refusal to publish an unedited rebuttal to a piece done by Mark Steyn, taken from "America Alone", dealing with Islam and various demographical facts.

Not only do I support Macleans unequivocally on this issue, I also absolutely favour the complete dismembering of the HRC's themselves. These quasi-judicial bodies are themselves the punishment, beyond whatever quasi-punishments they hand out in their 'rulings'. When they take 'cases' from your average professional victim, he bears no costs (taxpayers fund their 'litigation'), while the accused bears the costs of his own defense.

I'm not against legal action - in fact, it's precisely because I DO favour actual legal action that I am against the HRC's. If a person believes they have grounds for a real legal case, they should be able/willing to take it to an actual judge, instead of these kangaroo courts, where legal experience is secondary to professional activism. If the HRC's served a good, albeit limited, purpose at their inception, they have clearly strayed so far from this original mandate that they must be disbanded completely. Now.

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