Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pro-life/Pro-choice by the Number of Activists

I posted some questions onto bigbluewave's blog just now, and thought I'd drop them here (both to seek others' knowledge, and to remind myself to look it up myself).

I'd be very curious to see numbers for all the March [for Lifes] since they began (both pro-life estimates and media-reported numbers)(having attended some of these events, I realize there are usually discrepancies).

Along with this, I'd like to have numbers for the biggest pro-choice demonstrations in Canada (during whatever time period we have for these events).

I thought I heard something to the effect once that the Canadian pro-life movement once submitted a petition to the Canadian government requesting protection for the unborn, and that this petition was the largest-ever submitted in Canada (something around 1 million signatures). Am I totally out to lunch on this, or has anyone access to numbers that might lend it some credibility?

Also, do we know numbers for American abortion-related protests/rallies/marches, both pro-life and pro-choice?


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