Saturday, February 10, 2007

Heart & Stroke support - on life support

Below is the text of a letter I sent my supervisor after discovering that the Heart & Stroke Foundation supports embryonic stem cell research:

I will not be able to complete my commitment with canvassing, due to some information that recently came to my attention.

Prior to now, I was assuming that there were no difficulties with supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which is why I helped out last year and agreed to do so this year. A few days ago I discovered that H & S supports embryonic stem cell research, which I oppose, since it takes the life of a young human being. I will not be able to complete my duties, since to do so would support this abhorrent practice. I'm sorry it happened like this, that I started things out and cannot finish, because I hate going back on my commitments. But in this case, I believe it is impossible to contribute to this campaign in any further way without also contributing to this particular evil. I would be back helping out in a heartbeat if H & S chose to repudiate this unethical medical/scientific practice that ends the lives of some human beings to seek possible benefit for others. I don't wish to question the motives or efforts of the many good volunteers with H & S, including yourself. I just think that some methods aren't worth exploring as we seek to improve people's lives. As a man who is at an elevated risk of heart disease/attack, I certainly support the general goals of H & S, just not those methods that endanger or even end others' lives, even if they are too small and young to speak for themselves. I couldn't live with myself if I contributed, or even benefited from a fundraising campaign that took advantage of some people, even if the intended goal was laudable (as it is in this case certainly).

I would like to pass along my message to higher positions of responsibility in the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and would greatly appreciate if you could give me a contact name & number (e-mail address?) for your supervisor.


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