Sunday, May 01, 2005

The transmission is being delivered ....

Tomorrow is the day that I'll take our van in to get the transmission checked and fixed. Those of you who've been through this experience know the angst that comes from spending thousands to get a vehicle repaired. There's really not much else to say about it except that there have been many moments of self-doubt all along the way. Is there something I could have done differently? Did I really destroy it when I drove it for 3 weeks with too little fluid? Why is God picking on me, just when I thought we had some money to spare? (I mean, for something other than vehicle repairs)

Anyway, tomorrow is the day. I hope yours goes much better than mine.

Update: Well, Obelix (such is our van named) is in the shop, although not the shop I expected it to be in. In the midst of perusing the Calgary yellow pages, I came upon an ad that truly put me at ease - I knew I could trust these people with my much-needed repair. Of course, it's in the shop until Friday - I'll give the establishment in question a free infomercial if they end up being as good as I think they will be (and they won't be able to handle all the traffic coming their way from this blog).

TRANSMISSION DELIVERED UPDATE: Okay, Obelix once again graces our driveway, in a much happier form than earlier this week. He appears to be in fine operating form. I will rate our service with AAAstro Transmission in Calgary a 9 out of 10. Their yellow page ad sold me for our current transmission repair. If you've even needed this kind of work done, and have felt all of the stress associated with that, you should get a copy of the Calgary yellow pages and read their ad, just to see if that makes you feel better (the ad should help you even if you decide to shop elsewhere). The only down side (aside from having to spend money on a repair such as this in the first place), was at the last minute I found out the warranty is only 6 months, and not the 12 months I had expected. I should ask more clearly about warranty ahead of time, if the need arises again. Cheers.


Anonymous Ian S said...

Hi there,
Just had my transmission repaired by AAASTRO also and like you didn't find out about the 6 month warranty until payment time...
Doh !

Friday, December 09, 2005 12:53:00 p.m.  

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